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How to Buy

How to Buy

Quickly? Call: +420 251 101 350

Looking for the right contact person who will take care of your long-term inquiries and further requirements?
Please contact our sales department directly.

In a hurry? Missing an item for your product? Prefer to work on the web instead of using traditional e-mail? Unhappy with the high prices of e-shops? Then take advantage of the possibility of quick inquiry directly through our website!

The advantage for you:

  • Your inquiry over the web will be processed as priority!
  • After the first login, you no longer have to fill-in data
  • Only fill:
    • The Part Number of the part you are seeking
    • Requested quantity
    • Your real target price to speed up quotation process (Optional)
    • Press OK

Merely register once and then you can communicate with us within seconds.

You can easily upload your BoM

  1. Choose your file and insert in
  2. Press OK