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New Film. Driven by Vision. Hidden Heroes of SMEs.

Get to know our family business closer. We strive to build something remarkable - we believe in the sustainable and long-term values, that´s why we continue with full commitment also in the second generation and we support small and medium-sized companies with their "hidden heroes", who are the backbone of any economy. The hidden heroes, innovators, purchasers and other hard workers, who make their work by heart. more


New franchise: 3M!

We are a proud partner of the 3M Company. more


New website launched!

We are celebrating more than 20 years on the European market and hereby we want to thank our customers for their trust and cooperation! Please talk directly to our sales department managers, who will strive to find the best customized way to your further success with our smart distribution model! We are here to simplify the work of purchasing managers in today´s complex world of the internet of things and services. more