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Throughout the 90 years since our founding, Fuji Electric has innovated energy technology to make broad contributions to the world in the fields of industrial and social infrastructure.


Now, through the unprecedented population growth and rapid advance of industrialization, the globe is facing energy and environmental issues.

Building on our technology and experience, Fuji Electric aims to pursue technology for electric and thermal energy, and to continue creating high value-added, environmentally friendly products that use energy with maximum efficiency.

  • IGBT Modules PIM
  • IGBT Modules 6-Pack
  • IGBT Modules 4-Pack
  • IGBT Modules 2-Pack
  • IGBT Modules 1-Pack
  • IGBT Modules Chopper
  • IGBT Modules High-Speed
  • IGBT Modules Advanced NPC
  • IGBT Modules IPM
  • IGBT Discrete
  • Power Supply Control IC
  • AC/DC Power Supply Control ICs PWM Control
  • AC/DC Power Supply Control ICs Green mode Quasi-resonant
  • AC/DC Power Supply Control ICs Power factor correction
  • High-side and Low-side Driver IC(HVIC)
  • DC/DC Power Supply Control ICs
  • Power MOSFETs
  • Super J-MOS(600V)
  • MOSFETs(30V....60V)
  • MOSFETs(100V....300V)
  • MOSFETs(400V....500V)
  • MOSFETs(600V....700V)
  • MOSFETs(800V....900V)
  • MOSFETs(-30V....-60V)
  • Multi-chip Power Device for Switching Power Supply
  • Rectifier Diodes
  • This page provides information on rectifier diode products.
  • Schottky-Barrier Diodes(Single)
  • Schottky-Barrier Diodes(Dual)
  • Fast Recovery Diodes(Single)
  • Fast Recovery Diodes(Dual)
  • Ultra-Fast Recovery Diodes
  • Automotive application
  • IGBT Modules
  • Power ICs
  • Discrete MOSFETs
  • Pressure Sensors