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Saft is a company involved in the design, the development and the manufacturing of batteries used in transport, industry and defense. Headquartered in France, it has an international presence.


Industrial Battery Group (IBG)

  • It produces nickel rechargeable batteries for the industry and the transport.
  • Aircraft safety and starting systems.
  • High-speed trains.
  • Urban transport networks, including trams, metros, and signalling systems.
  • Back-up power systems.
  • Oil and gas plants.
  • Industrial facilities
  • Power generation and distribution systems.
  • Telecommunications networks.
  • Emergency lighting.
  • Professional electronics.
  • Storage for renewable energy systems.

It produces lithium and rechargeable lithium-ion energy storage systems for the electronic, defence, and space industries.



Specialty Battery Group (SBG)

  • Utility meters.
  • Electronic toll collection.
  • Automated meter readers and road tolling systems.
  • Military communication systems.
  • Satellites.
  • Torpedoes.
  • Space launchers.
  • Military hybrid vehicles.
  • Small submarines.
  • Missiles
  • Night-vision goggles.
  • GPS systems.
  • Medical equipment.
  • Asset tracking.
  • Sonobuoys.
  • Computer memory back-up systems.
  • Radios and other portable systems for military use.