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Souriau industrial connectors offer connection solutions for various industrial  environments and applications. From medical, to renewable energy (solar), via railway, Off-Road, instrumentation and lighting, Souriau is connector and cable assembly source. Souriau provides with a power and/or signal industrial connector that will be the total solution, from cable to board level. Souriau  offers a broad range of rugged, IP68 waterproof (metal and plastic) connectors that have several attachment options. Souriau manufactures interconnect solutions in push-pull,  circular bayonet coupling styles and rectangular,  as well as all associated cable assembly options. We will bring our expertise in high speed data transmission (Cat5e, Cat6), fiber optic (FTTH, FTTA) and power supply and help to save engineering time.

Circular Series Presentation

  • UTS IP67 IP68 and IP69K Waterproof Electrical Connectors
  • UTG: Intensive Use
  • UTO - Robust Metal & shielded connector
  • MBG - Ultra Intensive Use
  • UTV - Highly ruggedized VG 95234 type connector
  • 851 Series MIL-DTL-26482
  • UTP - IP65 plastic connector
  • CLIPPER - Full plastic sealed
  • UTL: UL/IEC Power Supply & Power Cable connectors  

Rectangular Series Presentation

  • SMS - Quick Mating
  • MSM/MSO - High Density
  • MSG/MB - High Density Low Profile
  • SMS IP Sealed Rectangular Plastic


  • JBX Push Pull Unsealed IP40
  • JBX Push Pull Sealed IP67
  • JBX Push Pull Sealed IP68
  • JDX Push Pull Sealed IP68 (Breakaway Style)
  • JKX Push Pull Sealed IP68
  • UTL: UL/IEC Power Supply & Power Cable connectors

Cable assemblies - Overmolded

  • UTS Overmolded Cable Assemblies
  • UTO Overmolded Cable Assemblies
  • UTL Overmolded Cable Assemblies
  • JBX Push Pull Cable Assemblies in USB RS-232 and Ethernet
  • JDX Push Pull Cable Assemblies 

851 Overmolded Cable Assemblies



MIL DTL 38999 Series platform


Fiber Optics and Quadrax

Ethernet Network


Quick connect disconnect

Harsh Environment Geophysical

Compact Circular connectors

Space Grade


Customized Products