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KORCHIP was established in 1990 and specialises in energy storage solutions with electric double layer capacitors (EDLC). They are sold under the brand STARCAP, and manufactured in South Korea.

KORCHIP’s products include SMD styles in various configurations, through-hole horizontal and vertical button style as well as conventional radial capacitor styles. The applications include mobile phones, portable devices such as MP3 players, motor drives and starters, gas and water meters. Larger size units are used in wind energy applications, solar systems, solenoid starters and in UPS applications.

KORCHIP meets quality standard ISO9001 and ISO14001. KORCHIP products are ROHS compliant and products are regularly reviewed for ROHS compliance.

  • SM/DMS Series
  • DCS(T)/DCL(T,H) Series
  • DR/HP Series
  • DRM/HPM Series
  • DL Series
  • DA Series