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Toko was founded in  1955 and has made significant contributions to electronic industry development for more than half a century. Toko is a electronic component specialist  for coil-related products.

Miniture fixed inductors 

  • Metal alloy inductors for power supply
  • Multlayer chip inductors for power supply
  • Ferrite inductors for power supply
  • Wide range chip inductors
  • Fixed inductors for digital audio amplifier
  • Fixed inductors (Radial)

Coils, Transformers

  • Balun transformers
  • Common mode choke coils
  • Transponder coils

Dielectric Filters

  • Chip dielectric filters
  • Miniature dielectric filters
  • Antenna duplexers
  • Dielectric wave guide filters
  • Diplexer, Triplexer

Dielectric antennas


  • HD Radio® decorder modules
  • CMOS camera modules