Get components fast and at large volume prices

Fast, at a good price and in TOP quality. For over three decades, we've been bringing you the best.

We are a family business that is convinced we cannot compromise on quality. We deliver semiconductors and connectors from global manufacturers through flexible and fast distribution. Easily and quickly you can get electronic components at bulk prices. For over 30 years, we have been helping small and medium-sized manufacturing companies.

30 years
Of official distribution and long-term partnerships
Short delivery times and deliveries of obsolete parts
Average cost savings for manufacturing companies
1 year
above-standard guarantees for the vast majority of components

Double quality control that you can trust

With a dual quality control model that exceeds common industry standards, you get a first-class component quality.

We are qualified distributors of manufacturers from


Smooth distribution

You do not see most of our work, you only receive an optimally secured Bill of Material. Using efficient distribution, we reduce material costs, deliver obsolete goods and guarantee short delivery times.

A single component jeopardized a half-million-dollar order. We helped

The production crisis at the beginning of the covid-19 pandemic hit our customer hard. Because of one missing component from the ordered list, they were in danger of losing a half-million-dollar order. The same PN from stock meant a multiple increase in costs. We didn't give up and found a solution. An alternative that allowed him to complete the job. In addition, he received a price that was more favorable than before the pandemic.


Contact us for details. We will also show you other case studies.

items on the bill of material
3 500 €
original price
by 40 %
we have reduced costs
20 000 €
asking price in covid times