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Integrated Circuits (ICs)

These are electric curcuits that are both brain and backbone of today’s modern technology, we can find them almost everywhere, it’s in any machine that has to do some logical task. They are made of multiple transistors, capacitors and resistors.


Devices which amplify and improve a current and voltage signal. They are made in two-ports, meaning two pairs of terminals. The most common amps are operational amps, buffers and comparators.



Specific type of amplifier, used in circuits with audio signal, which can be speakers or headphones.


Clocks & timing

ICs which generate timing signals and keep track of time. These are used in systems with those who require managing, distributing and manipulating timing signal. We can find them any telecommuting device.


Data converters

Device that takes analog signal and converts it into digital signal, it’s knowns as AD convertor. It works also in opposite direction, it takes digital singal and converts it into analog signal, then it’s called DA converter.



Provides a possibility to communicate between two or more devices. It can filter and deliver data exactly how they are suppose according to the setting.



Device with logical gate (AND, OR, NOT, …) that performs logical operation with binery system. There are many logical IC’s buffers, drivers and transceivers, decoders and multiplexers, logic gates, shift registers, voltage level shifters, counters , …



As the name suggests, it’s an IC which can store data or procces codes. There many different types, but two main categories are volatile (DRAM, SRAM, SDRAM, …) and non-volatile (ROM, EPROM, FLASH, …). The difference is that volatile memory will lose it’s data when the power is switched off, but they can be faster and less expensive. Non-volatile memory on the other hand can store it’s data even when the power is switched off.



It’s basically a small computer in one small IC that containts a processor (CPU), memory, inputs and outputs. Just like regular computer it completes a tasks or applications within the specific system, but they are far from the capibilites of the normal computer.



Devices with central processing unit (CPU) that is processing a the tasks within the program. They get a binary information into their inputs and according to the installed instructions within the it‘s memory, they’ll procede to complete the following task.


Power management

Curcuits that perform management of the power requirements. They can have many functions like DC to DC conversion, Battery charging, Power-source selection, Voltage scaling, Power sequencing, Miscellaneous functions. They are designed to have more outputs, so it can power up more devices at once.