You only get A1 suppliers 
and superior inspection

Since 1993, we have carefully checked to ensure you get the best

We do not seek compromises in quality

Thanks to 30 years in the industry and countless hours of careful audits, we have built a portfolio of key A1 suppliers with whom we guarantee an offer of precision electronic components. Over the course of two generations of the company, we have not been afraid to give up the good in favor of the excellent. And that's what you get.



A mix tailored for small businesses

You get the know-how and business partnership that we have been building for decades. The result is a combination of the offer of smaller specialized suppliers and large distributors of HIGH-TECH brands. The mutual and unusually strong ties have also translated into professional relationships, thanks to which we have an overview of first-class product quality.


Double precision control

We monitor every delivery in a digital system. We guarantee you two independent checks in accordance with the CCCI-102 quality standard. We bring together experienced experts at the supplier and in our warehouse. With a detailed inspection approach, we go beyond the usual ISO 9001 standards.


How we perform quality control in accordance with IDEA-STD-1010B:

Inspection of the package upon arrival of the goods
2 independent checks
Visual inspection of goods, marking
Measurement and documentation
Possibility of decapsulation, x-ray, parameter test, XRFI
MSL vacuuming according to the J-STD-033 standard
Shipping the goods
"When it comes to quality, then not just on paper. We check electronic components in detail. We subject them to an above-standard inspection.”
Jakub Kopenec
Logistics & Quality Manager